Today educating is very different from what it used to be. Pupils have the opportunity to study modern science, acquire skills that will be in demand in the future, and learn how to use advanced technology. Parents can choose not only the subjects their child will study, but also the format of teaching.

English is one of those areas that neither adults nor children can do without. The earlier kids begin to get acquainted with foreign languages, the easier it will be to bring their knowledge to perfection. To make training as effective as possible, parents’ resort to a variety of ways and formats. Despite the variety of choices, it is quite difficult to decide how exactly it will be easier for a child to learn English. Offline and online form of learning have their own advantages and disadvantages. How to understand which English courses for children will bring the most effective results?

Learning offline

Classical classes are more familiar to adults. In my parents' time, only this format existed, so they often choose this way for study for their kids as well. However, you need to understand that there are pros and cons to such learning.


  1.   Children get live communication and perceive the language better by hearing it in person than through a computer screen. They can watch the teacher's facial expressions and reactions.
  2.   Students practice social and communication skills with adults as well as peers. They make friends and make new acquaintances.
  3.   Group training allows them to learn how to work with team, to accept with dignity their failures and successes of other children.


  1.   Teacher may have a positive influence on the child, or a negative one. That is why personal contact may not be beneficial. In addition, it is not easy to find such a teacher who can immediately find an approach to your child.
  2.   Teaching children in groups requires the teacher to distribute here/his attention to everyone at once, so some students have a hard time.
  3.   Parents will have to incur higher costs. Off-line lessons are more expensive because the teacher spends time and money on road. If you come to them, these expanses will be on you.
  4.   If a kid is very young, he/she can't get to class on his/her own. He/she has to be driven by their parents, which means the adults spend their free time on the road.

Online Learning of English

With the advent of numerous gadgets in every family and the development of the Internet everywhere, online learning is becoming more and more popular. And it is not surprisingly, because this format has much more pros than cons.

Let's analyze together what the disadvantages are in such a way of learning:

*It is necessary to monitor the quality of the Internet, so that the connection is not interrupted;

*if there is a power outage or a breakdown in the network, then the lesson will not take place;

*there are children for whom communication in person with the teacher is important; it is difficult for them to perceive information if the teacher is not sitting nearby.

As for the advantages, there are quite a few. Here are the main ones:

  1.   No matter where you live, your child can study with a great teacher. You don't have to spend too much time on the road to get knowledge. Even from a distant village you can study English with a highly professional teacher.
  2.   If a schoolchild studies online, his/her parents save not only money, but also time. Usually, parents take young children to classes. One has to pay for the road, spend hours on the road and sit idle while their son or daughter is studying. Online allows the parent to spend their child's class time on their own business.
  3.   There is no need to buy numerous notebooks, textbooks, manuals, and other study materials. All of them are digital.
  4.   The child does not need to carry heavy loads - all the information is stored on an electronic format.
  5.   Children get sick quite often, so classes are cancelled. If the kid is not ready to go to class, but quite well enough to talk in English - online format is always helpful.
  6.   Studying online you can learn entirely new techniques. Interactive games are much more interesting to each child than the old textbook.
  7.   Gadget helps the teacher get the student more involved in the learning process. In addition, they often come up with rewards for the well-behaved kids - for example, an online game on the tablet using the passed material.
  8.   Practice shows that today's children are much more willing to learn if a gadget is involved in learning. They enjoy spending time on their smartphones and laptops, which they don't want to put off to cram words from a textbook.

Online or offline?

There are still a lot of parents who think the lesson should be one-on-one. They were taught that way, so it is quite difficult for an adult to adjust to the modern format of learning. Plus, it seems to them that the child spends a lot of time on the phone as it is.

But it is obvious that it is much more useful to learn English with a tablet or laptop than to play useless games. In addition, children often miss offline lessons because of bad weather conditions, illness, sickness or fatigue. Studying online with a teacher can be done sitting in your own room on a comfortable couch, so it doesn't matter what kind of snowstorm is outside or how much the student sneezes.

Each parent chooses the learning format that best suits their children. However, we advise trying a more progressive format that allows for all the innovations and modern teaching methods.

Both offline and online classes have their pros and cons. But, as experienced parents say, once you've tried studying from home, you don't want to go to class anymore if you can get excellent knowledge while sitting at home.

AMAkids Online English School for Kids 

AMAkids Academy of Intelligence Development offers students to improve their knowledge or start learning English from scratch in online courses. Classes are based on time-tested methods, carefully selected for each child individually. The course is composed by methodologists, native speakers and teachers, and the learning games are presented by the best game designers gathered all over the world.

Thanks to the game-based learning in AMAkids, children easily and simply absorb new information and learn English with great interest. The interactive club allows to practice the language with native speakers.

In addition, integrated learning not only arouses genuine interest in all students, it helps them to speak, write, read and even think in English.

Another important advantage of the online course is the web-tutorial, which allows you to always have the necessary information at hand. The effective teaching method will allow the child in the future to travel freely around the world, get a modern education and find a prestigious international job.


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