Very often you can hear such complaints about a child: "He is not interested in anything, he would only sit in a tablet or phone, all the time watching some videos, and not doing homework, at school his has very low performance. What to do? Today's parents see the consequences, but can't find the reason for that. They try to convince their son or daughter that he or she needs to study, banning tablets and the Internet, strictly controlling his or her studies, but the situation doesn't change. Mental arithmetic for beginners allows you to effectively engage in the development of the child's intellect, returning interest in learning and motivation.

Why do we need mental arithmetic?

Mental arithmetic is a course that allows you to develop the two hemispheres of the brain simultaneously: the left and the right. As we know, the left hemisphere is responsible for logical thinking, language abilities, speech, remembering facts, names, dates. Thanks to the left hemisphere we can analyze information, process it, recognize symbols. The right hemisphere is responsible for intuition, figurative thinking, spatial orientation. It is because of it we feel music and sing clearly, understand metaphors and comparisons, can dream and fantasize. So that your son or daughter's whole brain can develop in harmony, sign him or her for mental arithmetic course.

Thanks to this technique, your child will do better at school. After all, lessons in mental arithmetic increase concentration and improve memory. So, your child can easily learn foreign languages, memorize historical dates and facts, theorems in physics and algebra, and chemical formulas. Even if he previously had a bias toward the humanities, after training he will be interested in both mathematical and biological specialties.

With the help of mental arithmetic, the child will develop imagination, thinking, memory. He will be able to solve various problems in two ways: creative and analytical. Because of his successes he will believe in himself, his self-esteem will increase and leadership qualities will be formed. Mental arithmetic will make any kid a little genius who will reach great heights in the future.

What does learning look like?

The abacus is used for mental arithmetic lessons for beginners. The ancient abacus came to us from Mesopotamia and Greece over five thousand years ago. Then it has been moved to the Far East, Japan and China, where mental arithmetic was born. The abacus is a wooden frame with rods on which there are several spokes. There are five bones strung on the spokes: four called earth bones and one called heaven bones. The child moves these bones, which play the role of units, tens and hundreds.

In the first period of learning, a kid moves the fingers of both hands these bones, counting first simple and then complex arithmetic examples. Then the little child imagines the abacus and counts mentally, that is, in his or her mind. At first, children master simple actions: addition and subtraction. And after a year, they start to do complicated ones: multiplication and division. It is hard to believe, but a child can multiply and divide examples with multi-digit numbers in their head faster than a calculator!

Important elements of mental arithmetic learning 

  1.   Author's methodology developed for different age groups (for example, AMAKids has three such methods - 5-6 years, 7-11 years, 12-16 years);
  2.   Teaching materials (books and notebooks) and an abacus. Abacus is a Japanese counting board that helps to learn to count in the mind at the initial stage and is the main tool for mental counting;
  3.   Online platform which allows regular train at home in different counting modes and at different speeds (up to the appearance of numbers on the screen at the speed of 0.1 second). We would like to point out that the lack of an online platform significantly slows down the learning process, and very often children lose interest in lessons with only paper supplies. An online platform such as the one at AMAKids Academy of Intellectual Development helps to retain this interest for a long enough period, because today's children are happy to do tasks that they are asked to do on a laptop, tablet or phone.

Choosing a mental arithmetic center

While choosing a mental arithmetic center for beginners, be sure to ask how many people are expected in group classes. In AMAKids, the following rule is followed: the group for kids is up to 8 people, and for those who are older - no more than 10 people. It is very important that the trainer could pay attention to every child and help to work out every element of learning to automatism. That's why it is believed that mental arithmetic helps to develop persistence and perseverance, because the result will be sure, but only if the child trains regularly and does homework.

It is at the first stage of school that parental support and involvement in the process will be very important. It does not take much time (for example, doing homework at AMAKids takes 15-20 minutes a day), but in this way you can demonstrate to your child the importance of what he or she is doing. You won't notice how quickly your child starts to study on his or her own, and your involvement in the learning process will no longer be so necessary.

AMAKids is always ready to answer your additional questions about the methodology, the online platform, the lesson schedule, and to conduct a free trial lesson where you can see the learning process itself.


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