About us


We specialize in mental arithmetic, speed-reading and memory development for children aged between five and sixteen.

Having more than 310,000 graduates, AMAKids became famous for its unique learning methodology developed by the founder of the company, Volodymyr Fedyay, in collaboration with the leading specialists in the field of education and child psychology.

New approach to learning

Volodymyr Fedyay combines his global experience with the expertise of the specialists in the field of education and child psychology to create a new approach to the learning process that focuses on concentration, memory, creativity, imagination, logic and analytical thinking, as well as speed of perception and efficiency of the information processing.

Our history

may 2013

Volodymyr Fedyay starts a fundamental methodology analysis to combine the best techniques currently taught in Asian countries, to adapt them to the modern European educational standard.


Volodymyr Fedyay and a team of specialists challenge traditional methodology, developing their pedagogical ideas further and redesigning the ancient learning technique to better suit modern society.

24 november 2014

The first AMAKids Intellectual Development Academy opens in Zaporozhye, Ukraine.


AMAKids franchisees open over 50 centers across the globe, with the number of students exceeding 2000 people.


The company expands to Europe. AMAKids reached global scale with 300 centers and over 27,000 students.

2017 april

AMAKids hosts the first online championship in mental arithmetic.

october 2017

AMAKids holds their first franchisee conference in Minsk, Belarus. It becomes an annual business event hosted in a different location each year.


Creation and development of the new methodologies.
The AMAKids brand now unites 550 centers globally with more than 45,000 graduates.

10 february 2018

The first world championship in mental arithmetic AMAKIDS WORLD CUP 2018 is held in Moscow, Russia.


AMAKids integrates neural training and augmented reality into the learning process.


AMAKids opens headquarters in Cyprus. The company launches in Switzerland, Israel, Moldova, and Turkey making AMAKids one of the biggest global networks and moving forward to establishing new partnerships around the world.

Our Mission

The mission of AMAKids is to unlock the intellectual potential of children by providing them with effective and advanced tools for processing information and mastering new skills.

Our team

Founder of the AMAKids Company

Volodymyr Fedyay

Volodymyr Fedyay - is a businessman, founder of the Intellectual Development Academy, owner of two international brands: AMAKids & Smartum. Author of five original methodological developments in the sphere of supplementary education for kids between 5 and 16 years old. Extensive experience in international relations. Executive of the international olympics and forums.  

In 2019 he became a founder and director of the VF Brain Evolution Ltd Company in Cyprus. 

During the last 5 years we opened more than 1000 centers in 24 countries of the world with more than 350000 graduates. 

“Be better tomorrow than you are today”

Head of Franchising Department

Mikhail Sarkisov

Was studying Business Administration in the United Kingdom, got his diploma from the British university. Work as a Head of Franchising Department for more than 6 years. Experienced in negotiations with international partners of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Organized international Olympics and forums in the sphere of supplementary education. Working in AMAKids for 4 years. Love music, football and traveling.

“Inspire ordinary people to do extraordinary things”